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Our world has changed forever and it’s showing in our community. Every day I see stores closing, restaurants almost empty, and local ma and pa shops struggling to survive. The environment is volatile.

The other day I ventured out to a local establishment to sit on the patio. It was my first experience out! I wasn’t nervous but when chatting with other patrons, I was shamed when asked if I was still working and the store open. It felt like I was unwelcome because I was on the front lines serving the public. We’re all so on edge now and what we need to do is pull together even more as a community.

I want to keep my money in the community and support my neighbours. I’m a bargain shopper, but not a fan of the waste of fast-fashion disposables. I like quality and I like it at the right price. When I’m spending my money, I also want to have a more personal touch, not the self-serve approach of online retailers.

I think about the environmental waste generated by the shipping from online retailers, too. The extra boxes and wrapping all to save a few dollars while putting our local businesses at risk? When did we decide this was okay?

One idea behind big box stores was to bring a wide variety of goods together in one place to make shopping easier and more efficient. We liked that ease
but started ordering in from outside of our city, province and country, and we ignored the pitfalls of transporting loads of cheap goods around the globe.

We’re learning how fragile that supply chain is, and our access to goods is limited now. The resale shop is the perfect opportunity to find what online stores don’t have! A consignment store will have hundreds of consignors bringing their goods to one central location. There’s no need to drive around the city chasing individual items from buy & sell groups, and none of the awkwardness of those transactions either. At a resale store, you get professional, personal attention and can make purchases securely and
safely. It’s a win for the environment, your pocketbook, and the people who live and work alongside you.

I have to change the way I do business both personally and professionally. I did start an online store and found it’s most beneficial for local customers to see what we have in store – they then come to see it in person or try it on. People also buy items online from us when they’re worried they’ll be sold before they can get to the store. They can pick their treasures up whenever it’s convenient.

A wise person once said that planning for the future during times of uncertainty is not worth the worry. Just complete each day with routine tasks, change what
you can change and keeping moving forward as much as possible. Let’s move forward together.

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